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A country of miracles, a treasure chest full of most wonderful treasures, as if, as the legend says, the God’s bag had really torn apart when he was giving gifts of nature and wonderful things including the mountains and other beauties fell out of it just above Montenegro. Cultures that exist in today’s Montenegro contain traces and influences of Mediterranean, Central European, Eastern European and Oriental civilizations from various times. The Illyrians, Hellenes, Romans, Slavs, Turks … they all tended to leave traces of their homeland on these new shores incorporating pieces of their own traditions in Montenegro’s wildness – in stone, language, image, sound, respect for God … Archaeological sites and museums keep their traces. The remains of old Roman temples have been standing here for two thousand years as well as aqueducts, cities, bridges (Risan, Budva, Akruvium, Ulcinj, Doclea, Municipium S)…

The most beautiful meeting of land and sea at the time of the birth of our planet.

J.G. Lord Byron, Poet, Politician

White and gray waste land of limestone area rises above the coastline. “Sea of rocks” is only one segment of the sumptuous mosaic. In the central region there are the fertile Zetska and Bjelopavlićka plains and a bird paradise – Skadar Lake. Then there is a wreath of mountain ranges over 2,000 meters high. Apart from the peaks, they are adorned by woods, spacious pastures, forty lakes, impetuous and clean rivers, deep and mysterious canyons.

Montenegro has five national parks. Durmitor with the Tara River Canyon is part of the world natural heritage. The Tara River Canyon is on the list of international biosphere reserves. As a rare wetland habitat Skadar Lake is included on the Ramsar List.

*Source material: www.montenegro.travel

Montenegro Wild Beauty

What Is Montenegro


From Podgorica Airport

  • Take the E-65/E-80 towards Bar (Sutomore)
  • Take left turn on “Via Tunnel Sozina” intersection
  • Take the right turn on next intersection.
  • Continue on road E-851/M-2.4 Towards Bar (Sutomore)

From Tivat Airport

  • Head southeast on Jadranska magistrala/E-65/E-80
  • Head strait towards Budva
  • Exit Budva and follow the road to Bar (Sutomore)